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Pando Counselling & Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist, Other
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Contact Details:
18 King St E
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 1A1, Canada
Office Number:
18 King St E
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 1A1, Canada
Region(s) of service:
Greater Toronto Area, Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe, Haliburton Highlands to the Ottawa Valley, Hamilton, Halton and Brant, HPW: Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington, Kawartha and Northumberland, Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park, Niagara Falls and Wine Country, Northern Ontario Tourism Region – North East, Northern Ontario Tourism Region – North Central, Northern Ontario Tourism Region – North West, Ottawa and Countryside, South Eastern Ontario, Southwest Ontario, York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters
I treat the following age groups: Adult (18-64), Senior (65+)
I treat the following injuries: Emotional Trauma, Neurosis

Welcome to Pando! Our approach is centered on the belief that every individual possesses unique strengths and abilities that can be leveraged to create positive change in their lives. Rather than focusing solely on problems or pathologizing individuals, we work collaboratively with our clients to explore and nurture their innate strengths, and empower them, while addressing current challenges.

Our team is committed to supporting you in creating meaningful and long-lasting changes in your life. Through a collaborative process, we will work with you to identify and build upon your strengths, while providing guidance and support as you navigate any difficulties you may be facing.

At Pando, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and live your best life. Contact us today to learn more about our non-pathologizing approach and how we can support you on your journey.

Regulated Health Care professional in good standing.
Has been practicing since 2006
Posted: Apr 27, 2023
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