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Ms. Leslie Furlonge

Case Manager, Life Care Planner, Nurse
Languages: English
Organization: Rehabilitation Management Inc
Contact Details:
1008-480 University Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5G 1V2, Canada
Fax Number:
1008-480 University Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5G 1V2, Canada
Region(s) of service:
Greater Toronto Area
Will perform in home treatment.

Case manager in the community working with complex clients who require considerable support and assistance to facilitate medical and rehabilitation services. Certified Life Care Planner: analyze and determine life long needs and costs in cases of permanent disability. Registered Nurse for over14 years Nursing Instructor to second year BScN students

Regulated Health Care professional in good standing.
Has been practicing since 1998
I have worked with the following lawyers:
Posted: Nov 25, 2013
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