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Ms. Stacey Bergman

Occupational Therapist
Languages: English
Organization: Rehabilitation Management Inc.
Contact Details:
207-350 Queens Quay W
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A7, Canada
Fax Number:
416-365-1176 / 1-877-426-8276
207-350 Queens Quay W
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A7, Canada
Region(s) of service:
Greater Toronto Area
Will perform in home treatment.

I, Stacey Bergman, am a Regulated Health Professional who has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist since 1997. I have extensive experience assessing function and the impact physical and cognitive impairments have on a person’s ability to fulfill his/her roles and responsibilities. My experience includes involvement within hospital and long term care facilities, with specific experience working with individuals with physical, emotional, and cognitive deficits. I also co-facilitated educational programs for individuals with both physical and cognitive impairments. In addition, I have experience in addressing environmental accessibility issues, workplace demands and employability. I am a calibrated rater for the standardized ADL observational evaluation- Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS). I have been employed with Rehabilitation Management Inc. (RMI) since 2007. In this role, I assess and may provide interventions including case management for the progression of rehabilitation needs (including return-to-work programming, discharge planning from hospital to home) of individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries. I have also qualified as an expert and provided testimony in cases involving personal injury. RMI uses a team approach which ensures the availability of supports and quality services. I am a member in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario [Reg. #G9603153] and the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists.

Regulated Health Care professional in good standing.
Has been practicing since 1997
I have worked with the following lawyers:
Posted: Nov 29, 2013 - Updated: Aug 22, 2020
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