About The Directory

What is TraumaResourceDirectory.com?

TraumaResourceDirectory.com is an online directory of health care professionals and treatment providers in Ontario. TraumaResourceDirectory.com is a venture of Thomson, Rogers. This directory is provided as a free service to individuals wishing to locate and engage the services of health care professionals and treatment providers. Thomson, Rogers does not endorse, certify or verify the health care professionals and treatment providers listed on TraumaResourceDirectory.com.


Because 48% of victims of serious trauma accidents are being discharged home without support.

This Directory ensures that those victims do not go unnoticed. It will allow the hospitals and the victims to get in touch with Health Care Professionals best suited to their needs.

For Health Care Professionals: Benefits of Signing Up

  • Become easily accessible to those in need of professional health care services post-trauma. 
  • Become part of a community of Health Care Professionals across Ontario.
  • Be aware of newsworthy events and gain valuable resources through our online portal.
  • Control your professional identity online.
  • Connect with the people and knowledge you need to help your respective client.
  • Stay informed about your contacts and the industry.